Our Mission & Values

‘Setting the Standard in Education and Care’

The Centre operates as an Early Learning and Care Centre providing long day care, early education and a funded Kindergarten for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old in accordance with the following Mission and Values.


Next Steps Early Learning Centre is to offer quality care and early childhood education while, developing a sense of community and belonging for children, families and staff.

We are committed to creating a culture based on Christian values and character through positive relationships, respect and belonging, and providing a supportive environment including a chaplain who will be available if required to provide guidance and support for children, family and staff.

We acknowledge that each child’s journey is unique and it is our role to care for, support and nurture the “whole child” by engaging them to develop skills, knowledge, feelings and attitudes that will assist in setting them on a path to become children who are kind, inspired and confident participants in the world.


Aspiring to and upholding standards of excellence in education, learning and care, our team will seek to uphold the following values and will encourage children to do the same:

Acceptance: We value the uniqueness and worth of each child and diversity of each family and team member. We will be proactive in creating an accepting, nurturing and caring culture within our service.

Respect: We recognise the importance of family in a child’s life and respect the role of parents as the primary care giver. We will provide opportunities for parents to participate in their child’s learning. We respect the rights of the child to feel safe, secure and loved, as our first priority. We respect our team as professionals. We respect our environment and the world we live in.

Honesty & Integrity: Our service is embedded in, and responsive to the needs of, the community we serve. We will practice honesty, patience and fairness so that children and families feel connected and supported. We will act with integrity, in a professional and dignified manner.

Relationships: We recognise the importance of helping children understand themselves and their place in the world. We will develop relationships within our service based on compassion, self-control, humility reconciliation and forgiveness.

Trust: We seek to be a trusted partner with parents, staff, communities, business and other stakeholders. We will be reflective on our areas for development and open to continuous improvement.