Our Vision, Mission & Philosophy

‘Setting the Standard in Education and Care’

The Centre operates as an Early Learning and Care Centre providing long day care, early education and a funded Kindergarten for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old in accordance with the following Vision and Mission.


Our Vision at Next Steps Early Learning Centre is to support every child to realize their own unique potential.


Our Mission is to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment where children are empowered to make a difference in the world.


At Next Steps Early Learning Centre, we believe that the early years are a critical time in supporting every child to realise their own unique potential

We understand that families and their culture are the first and most imperative teachers in each child’s life. We aim to be respectful and supportive of families, endeavouring to build collaborative partnerships with them and the wider community.

We embrace the importance of diversity within the community and the entire world.  We strive to reflect diversity throughout our centre, in our programming and practice.  We believe that all children should be treated with equity, and their culture embraced and recognized.

Our team will uphold Next Steps’ values of acceptance, respect, positive relationships, trust, honesty and integrity, while encouraging all stakeholders to do the same.

We acknowledge that each child’s journey is unique, and that it is the educator’s role to support and nurture the “whole child”, celebrating each child for the individual they are.  We recognise that children need to form strong attachments to feel comfortable and confident in their own identities and environment.

At Next Steps we view children as capable, competent, and curious learners, and acknowledge children are active participants in their own learning.  We believe that the role of educators is to provide a stimulating and responsive environment, where positive guidance and encouragement make learning possible.

It is our belief that every child should have long periods of uninterrupted time to explore and play.  We understand that when children spend a generous amount of time exploring the natural world, they begin to learn respect for the environment and a love of nature, and this is paramount to building a society that will care for the world for future generations.

As educators we believe is it imperative, we respect one another, and work together to promote wellbeing and compassion.  By continually reflecting on our practice and environment, we will strive to set the standard in education and care.  We are committed to ongoing professional development to be the best, most inspired, most inspiring educators we can be.