Our Play-based Learning

At Next Steps, we believe that all children are confident and capable learners who are full of knowledge and wonder. As reflected in our Centre Philosophy “we view children as capable, competent, and curious learners and acknowledge children are active participants in their own learning… to provide a stimulating and responsive environment, where positive guidance and encouragement make learning possible…every child should have long period of uninterrupted time to explore and play.”

It is with this idea we implement a play-based learning curriculum throughout our service. Our play-based curriculum allows children to learn through their play. Play allows children opportunities to explore, to take risks, to engage their imaginations and to problem solve alongside their peers and as individuals. Research shows us that traditional learning techniques such as teaching by rote, especially in early childhood education settings, do not expand children’s thinking or enhance their desire to know and to learn. Our educators create exciting learning environments that encourage children to explore, solve problems, create, and construct. Our educators are also deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful in their curriculum decision making to give children the opportunities to actively and imaginatively engage with people, objects and the environment.

When children play, they learn:

  • When children play with blocks they learn to:
    • plan & build
    • make shapes & patterns
    • talk & co-operate
    • solve problems
    • measure & compare
  • When children play with art materials they learn to:
    • draw, paint & glue
    • recognize shapes, colours and lines
    • plan and construct
    • use finger and hand muscles
    • create and express themselves
  • When children engage in pretend play they learn to:
    • share and use equipment
    • communicate
    • explore roles
    • use symbols and write
    • dress themselves

This is why our play-based learning curriculum approach offers children a rich and unique learning experience that will give children the best possible start in life!