Students & Volunteers

Students from universities, TAFEs and RTOs need to spend time working in services in order to complete the practicum requirements of their courses.  Accommodating these students is important because they are the next generation of professionals in early childhood education and care.

Students benefit Services by introducing current information and new ideas, inducing educators to question their own practices and beliefs about teaching and learning. The institutions benefit through the students’ recounts of their practical experience.

Members of the local community and services such as the fire brigade, police and ambulance may also contribute to Next Steps ELC’s program,and the same applies to volunteers and family members.

However, because the safety of children is paramount, much legislation surrounds the acceptance of students, volunteers and visitors into Services. 

We have a policy available upon request to clarify the restrictions and expectations for students, volunteers, workers (such as electricians or delivery workers) and special guests to ensure the safety of the children.

Next Steps are a child safe organisation.